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Post by Literally Death on Sun Oct 30, 2016 1:51 am

So I'll be honest:
This forum looks terrible.
So right now I'm trying to make a nice skin for it, with CSS. I have a small start by changing the font.
There's this app on the Chrome Webstore (and maybe Firefox too) that lets you download and create stylesheets for websites. I'm using one right now for Pokemon Showdown, and it looks great.
Since this forum is static, it should be fairly easy to make it look nicer.
If anybody wants to help, just ask me.
(Also idk where this should go, so I put it in suggestions since it feels like a suggestion)
Here's a list of stuff accomplished:
Better Search Bar
Better Fonts
Image Borders
Hid Share Stuff and Forumotion Search Bar at the Top
Here's the skin if anybody wants it:
Just download Stylish, create a new CSS, and paste it all in.
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