Dylan-Sama, saying (A awkward) Hello

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Dylan-Sama, saying (A awkward) Hello Empty Dylan-Sama, saying (A awkward) Hello

Post by Dylan-Sama on Mon Jan 23, 2017 1:26 am

Heyo, Dylan here. Apparently I should do one of these so sure. I am like, the coolest person you would ever know (If I was actually cool) But yea, Ill talk about myself to like the most I can. SOOOO I am a girl (Duh, who doesn't know that?) and I'm pretty nice I think and really open about myself when someone asks me questions, but I have a hard time just talking about myself. Hm... my two favorite pokemon of all time is Rayquaza and Snivy. Don't ask me why... cause I don't know lol. But yea, I'm just gonna be one of those writers who just makes stuff for a laugh, for the main fact that I don't have a DS so I don't actually play the pokemon games so I'm just gonna make jokes out of the little I know. I have a girl friend so don't try to pull any tricks on me (Yes, I'm bi, fite me) and yea... I don't really know anything else to talk about so i'll be on my way I guess haha.

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